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We provide smart home security solutions

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What we do

At PiOctave we create interactive security solution. These are video enabled smart devices. We enable any device to send and receive information, and we build robust applications to manage the process.

Who we are?

We are Experts in high end Camera development. We have expertise in Hardware, Algorithms, Low Level and Application SW Development, Cloud Server Implementation and Cloud Analytics.

What we are up to?

we are  designing application stack for P2P and Server-Client streaming methods, combined with the best security measures.

What we have done!

We believe in excellence and delivery of quality products. We believe in agility and improvisation to get product out in market.

Our path

Rather than a typical structure, PiOctave is an open company, a collective, sharing projects and ideas. We work hard to achieve the right combination of teamwork.

An idea



The future of mobility Begins today.

The future is on the way, and now is the time to change it. At PiOctave we question, ponder, hypothesise, prototype, test and retest. All because we believe the world we’ll live in tomorrow is the one we invent today.

Cloud architecture

PiOctave’s Cloud Platform provides the infrastructure to handle streams of data fed from millions of intelligent devices. The architecture for this type of real time stream processing must deal with ingest, processing, storage and analysis of hundreds of millions of events per hour.


We want to enhance people’s lives. Our devices lets you monitor control and secure from anywhere. Add hundreds of connected devices to customise your smart home needs.

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